Drive Chain #420 x 82 Links RedCat ATVs

Drive Chain #420 x 82 Links RedCat ATVs
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Drive Chain #420 x 82 Links RedCat ATVs
Drive Chain #420 x 82 Links RedCat ATVs
Product #: T420-82
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Drive Chain #420 x 82 Links RedCat ATVs

Chinese ATV Parts, Dirt Bike Parts. Chinese Go Kart Drive Chains.

Standard Drive Chain 3/16 inch by 1/2 inch. This ATV drive chain measurements are 3/16 inch roller width and 1/2 inch between pins. (pitch)

Also includes masterlink and clip. ATV Part fits the 50cc, 70cc, 90cc, 110cc and 125cc ATVs and Dirt Bikes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This size chain is the smallest chain we carry for the kids atvs, dirtbikes etc. Mainly used on the smaller frame size ATVs. We have ALL chains and ALL masterlinks in stock for ALL ATVs. Measure your old chain to make sure correct chain is ordered.

Chain length or pin/link length is easily cut or shortened with normal hand tools.

Popular Chain Sizes
40 Class50 Class60 Class
Chain NumberInside Width (mm)Chain NumberInside Width (mm)Chain NumberInside Width (mm)
  • ALL Chinese ATVs use a standard numbered chain
  • #420 chain used on ATVs usually with a 7 inch rear wheel or smaller
  • #428 chain used on ATVs usually with a 8 inch rear wheel or larger
  • #428H is sometime used on 110 Utility Class ATVs
  • #530 chain is used on all Kazuma 110c, 150cc, 250cc

In our experience the other numbers in the chart are rarely used on the Chinese ATVs. Some of the front drive sprockets will have numbers on them which identify exactly what chain number is used.

The #428 and #428H are interchangeable and will run on the same sprockets. The H means heavy duty and the chain has thicker heavier side plates.

Other sizes will not interchange with drive sprockets

The Kazuma ATVs under 110cc but including the Kazuma Viper Dirt Bike all use the #428 chain.
The Kazuma Falcon 110, 150, 250 and Dingo all use the heavier #530 chain pitch.

Some early day Redcat ATVs are actually Kazuma made and use the Kazuma sizes above.

Chains can always be measured to identify the size. Always keep a few masterlinks on hand as spares. A lost masterlink can ruin a kids weekend of riding fun. Keep chain masterlinks on hand or carry extras while trail riding.

The above information is only intended to be a reference to help you identify and measure your chain. Many other variations of Chinese ATVs are wide-spread ----
MEASURE YOURS before ordering